4 Kim Un Translations by Anton Hur

By and | 15 February 2023

Big Bang

Time accumulates and becomes a bomb
A second is ten thousand years of explosions
A moment is the fuse digging deep into the detonator of forever
The moment a fetus is born crying
They swallow the painful world hanging upside down
An approaching atmosphere breathing out cold heat
and an unseen world and unseen murmuring
To contain in their eye the bright stars
the color of black that represents death
the child cries accumulating rubble over rubble
The beginning is far away
and the world already arrived at
moves upstream and ever upstream
How much further up until darkness is reached
An explosion calm just a moment before
Shakes awake a world in the smallest dot
That world
a child still believing there is a place for them to wander in
swallows on their own and wails
in the cradle they’ve just arrived where the grave is far away

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