4 Kim Un Translations by Anton Hur

By and | 15 February 2023

Blue Glows Inward1

You are alone and placed
between blue and blue
between green and green
within not a blue nor green nor
where Picasso’s Blue Period
hangs over my shoulder
The opposite of
G. Graubner’s very pure red
not where it shimmers nor a blot
nor in a face after washing or dirty monochrome
nor in the clear expression of undulating clouds
Betraying the beliefs and misunderstandings
of those people who believe you are
beyond naming because you glint between the many names
scattered across the world by paint manufacturers
where even
the cobalt blue of the Mediterranean waves barely
brushes past you and the depressed protagonist of
Betty Blue in a place with nothing to do with you
smiles and jostles and despairs giving up
The color remaining when all colors bleed out
I might’ve seen you in a book that doesn’t
exist in order to name you
When a master who doesn’t possess
mentions a slave he does not possess
I might have glimpsed it your name
Your color and your clear nothingness
can’t be found rummaging through any address book
I might’ve seen you in some city the back of Betty
some other weather of the Mediterranean existing in
another woman Picasso left and the canvas
you exist
in the middle you have no name

  1. A painting by Julius Hebing
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