Sam Byfield

Year of the Rat

Snow buries the country. Black-outs, coal shortages, buses shunted from highways. A man is crushed at Guangzhou station. Here, the Spring City, a month of blue skies, of quiet madness. — The slow crescendo of fireworks as the New Year …

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The Great Cosmic Sauce

Ten O'clock, two balloons and a banner have taken flight and settled against the moonless sky, bobbing and twisting like a mask that's been cobbled together with stickytape and hope. An insect the size of two fingers lands on the …

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Man in the Shape of Someone’s Father

You were craving eclipse already, though you didn't know it; and the son you'd lost and found and lost again was a wound you'd learnt to scab, but which festered nonetheless, as shame will do. You were master of how …

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