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Sam Byfield Reviews the APC New Poets Series

I read the four New Poets chapbooks with a high level of curiosity and expectation. Published by the Australian Poetry Centre, these collections represent the rebirth of the Five Islands Press New Poets Series, which published the first chapbooks of approximately 75 Australian poets until its cessation in 2007.

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Year of the Rat

Snow buries the country. Black-outs, coal shortages, buses shunted from highways. A man is crushed at Guangzhou station. Here, the Spring City, a month of blue skies, of quiet madness. — The slow crescendo of fireworks as the New Year …

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The Great Cosmic Sauce

Ten O'clock, two balloons and a banner have taken flight and settled against the moonless sky, bobbing and twisting like a mask that's been cobbled together with stickytape and hope. An insect the size of two fingers lands on the …

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Man in the Shape of Someone’s Father

You were craving eclipse already, though you didn't know it; and the son you'd lost and found and lost again was a wound you'd learnt to scab, but which festered nonetheless, as shame will do. You were master of how …

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