Helen Hagemann

Fairy Penguins

at the corner of the coast we leave behind a crossroad of island & mainland walk the jetty with tea & sandwiches settling on a narrow shore a stray sentence begins & ends in the margins of rock & sand, …

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Warning to the Gambler

The way in is through thick double doors, between foyered palms, past elderly stewards kneading hands. Fifty-dollar notes are exchanged for happy-go-lucky seats, silver-dint-bar-tinkling machines. They lay down their cards, sit hunched into their rib cage; sink into a consciousness …

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Sam Byfield reviews the APC New Poets Series

Canyon by Andrew Slattery
Little bit long time by Ali Cobby Eckermann
Evengelyne by Helen Hagermann
Awake During Anaesthetic by Kimberley Mann
Australian Poetry Centre, 2009

I read the four New Poets chapbooks with a high level of curiosity and expectation. Published by the Australian Poetry Centre, these collections represent the rebirth of the Five Islands Press New Poets Series, which published the first chapbooks of approximately 75 Australian poets until its cessation in 2007. The Five Islands Press series provided an important stepping stone for a number of poets who since their first collection have established themselves in the Australian poetry landscape.

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