Rose Lucas

Raising Lazarus: After Sickert

This is an old story: an artist’s hands to manipulate, working to ease the rigid corpse back, rebirthed through mottled shadows; the dangerous pulse of vermillion glinting in oblivion’s maw. We say we know how this ends – this evocation …

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Review Short: Rose Lucas’s Unexpected Clearing

In ‘Balancing,’ Rose Lucas describes how Philippe Petit, the French high-wire artist made famous by his walk between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, ‘launched into a fitful middle space.’ With a ‘steady grip of muscle,’ Petit is imaged as a ‘machine riding air and sky,’ defying gravity as he dances ‘from element to element.’

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Review Short: Rose Lucas’s Even in the Dark

Rose Lucas is a name often found in anthologies, awards and shortlists, so it is no misnomer to call this first collection of poems long-awaited. ‘Time’ calibrates the scale in these poems, which span detail in lives from pre-conception and birth to the discovery of a cremated woman’s body 40,000 years in the earth.

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A Capella: On Hearing the Tallis Scholars

Wild bird in your cage of rib and lung, I hear you break into open space daring the high and unmarked air surrounding stone, startling the dusty film that settles across the rafters – untrammelled soprano reaching above a mesh …

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