Amanda Joy

Amanda Joy lives on the outskirts of Fremantle, Western Australia and is the author of two chapbooks, Not Enough To Fold (Verve Bath Press 2008) and Orchid Poems (Mulla Mulla Press 2001) Her poem 'Almost Pause/Pareidolia' was highly commended for the 2013 Blake Poetry Prize.

Krebs Cycle

At the point of dissolution, I was wrong. Anne Elvey More augur and sere, bloodwood trees raft a mirage Ahead in the road, a harrier resting on air is breve not oracle, just resting on white sky filled with heat …

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The Snake’s Ghost

after Rebecca Horn On a full moon bring the snake to water with one hand support its head Elevate the tail to the height of your shoulder be rewarded as the trunks of trees dance in mirrored ripples of light …

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Review Short: Rose Lucas’s Even in the Dark

Rose Lucas is a name often found in anthologies, awards and shortlists, so it is no misnomer to call this first collection of poems long-awaited. ‘Time’ calibrates the scale in these poems, which span detail in lives from pre-conception and birth to the discovery of a cremated woman’s body 40,000 years in the earth.

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