Ricardo M. de Ungria

ɫ i b a w

dumbstruck poming poms wordless biting back the birthland chieftains bereft of right reason and scales of justice sprouted ilk of the silver-minted kind of various shades of pelt and pose and puddle of politics death and deathlessness of death the …

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The Centre Cannot Hold: 6 Contemporary Filipino Poets

More than 92 million people live in the Philippines, making it the world’s 12th most highly-populated country. Given that many of these millions speak English as a second language, the Philippines is also one of the world’s largest English-speaking nations.

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Two Poems by Ricardo M. de Ungria

The two poems here are my most recent productions, written when I was winding up my commitments as bureaucrat and testing again the much-missed pool of ink for living lines and resonant images. My concerns here are countrified and rural, …

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