Peter Boyle

“A hundred mute gods”

(A hundred mute gods, their eyes all put out, crowd together on a stone altar. Starved of blood. Lingering on in their hunger for one more sunset. A Sybil dozing lightly in an iron lung prophesies.) It may be a …

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Peter Boyle Reviews Yasuhiro Yotsumoto and Shuntaro Tanikawa

Family Room by Yasuhiro Yotsumoto Vagabond Press, 2009 Watashi by Shuntaro Tanikawa Vagabond Press, 2010 At the outset I will say that, though my own latest book Apocrypha was published by Vagabond Press, I hold no financial interest in the …

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John Jenkins Reviews Peter Boyle

Apocrypha: Texts Collected and Translated by William O’Shaunessy by Peter Boyle Vagabond Press, 2009 “No one can count the number of people we have been in a single / life. One death is never enough.” These lines from Apocrypha sum …

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Bev Braune reviews Peter Boyle

Museum of space by Peter Boyle

University of Queensland Press, 2004

Peter Boyle strikes me as a poet who likes the air, much as Peter Minter likes water; Robert Adamson, leaves; Jordie Albiston, defined/confined spaces; John Tranter, lines or, rather, the lineage of the cursive. Boyle most reminds me of Robert Adamson with his gentle, probing style, his yearning approach to all that should be desirable–an understanding of ourselves in space and time, wherein we point all our limitations. In this context, Boyle holds his place very well as a watchful observer of the world (e.g. the wind, sunlight, birds, music, reflections, waves) and other writers (e.g. Rilke, Saint-John Perse, Jabès).

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My soul is wet with the tears of impossible things

“My soul is wet with the tears of impossible things” — Federico Garcia Lorca, ‘Todo será el corazón’ On the surface of the eternal soul hundreds of verses moistened with our lives that have grown sick and weary. I carry …

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The dark has taken root on all four walls

Translated with Peter Boyle “The dark has taken root on all four walls” — Kevin Hart, ‘Room’ Holding fast to this line of Kevin Hart through their deep roots I enter the experience of those prison days. Once more I …

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You go to a restaurant and you eat a meal and you choke and die. It happens like that. You feel horny and you visit a sauna, get careless, and you catch AIDS and die. You open a present while …

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Vlado Perlemuter Playing Ravel

The elegant sadness of this music is just the first layer. Beneath enter again the corsetry of a remote childhood, the bindings between the shoulder the neck the puffed belly. Find the white lonely fingers poised above a lake in …

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