Omar Musa

Hannah Hall Interviews Omar Musa

After the panel, I arrived at Musa’s table in time to see him reach into a bag and pull out a stack of his new CDs and place them on the table for sale. ‘I don’t know if I’m allowed to do this, but I figure I can give it a go’ he said. Much like his art, Musa shifts and grooves between the personas of rapper, novelist and poet.

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Review Short: Omar Musa’s Parang

Omar Musa is something of a phenomenon. I mean that both in the demotic and the philosophical senses. Self-publisher, author of the successful novel Here Come the Dogs (longlisted for the Miles Franklin), lyricist with international hip hop outfit MoneyKat, Wikipedia subject. As demonstrated by the author photo in this book Parang, autobiographical promotional videos (‘Live and Direct from Kingsley’s Chicken’), comparisons to Junot Diaz and his sartorial style, Musa has made a career from ‘the street’.

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The Rooster (after Omar Musa)

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The Old Rooster

The old rooster pecked among coconut husks and spires of smoke. He was a fighting cock who woke the neighbourhood for morning prayer, strutting arrogantly through the yard. He had evaded death until now. The parang‘s edge was ready, and …

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Mansion On the Hill

[audio: Mansion On the Hill.mp3|titles=Mansion On the Hill – Omar Musa] Mansion On the Hill (1:30) Written and produced by Omar Musa

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