Queenie Chan

Queenie Chan was born in Hong Kong in 1980, and migrated to Australia when she was six years old. In 2004, she began drawing a 3-volume mystery-horror series called The Dreaming for LA-based manga publisher TOKYOPOP. She has since collaborated on several single-volume graphic novels with best-selling author Dean Koontz. As prequels to his Odd Thomas series of novels, they are called In Odd We Trust and Odd Is On Our Side, the latter reaching #1 on the New York Times best-seller list the week it came out. The third book, House of Odd, was released in March 2012. She currently lives in Sydney, Australia.

The Rooster (after Omar Musa)

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We Are the Pickwicks (extended remix)

There were no childish flights of fancy here – no silly games of ‘pretend’, and certainly no bedtime stories. ‘Not under our roof’, my grandmother would say, rolling her eyes. She often rolls her eyes in that fashion, especially when talking about our neighbours, the Darlings. She did this even in front of Mrs Darling, when she once came over to invite me to an afternoon play session with her three children.

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