Luis Gonzalez Serrano

El Salvador Tragic: 10 Roque Dalton Poems from 3 Books

Roque Dalton | courtesy of Transparencia Activa As far as tragic poets’ stories go, Roque Dalton’s (El Salvador, 1935-1975) is perhaps the most tragic in Central America. In the 1950s as a Law student, he was the brightest of a …

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Heather Taylor-Johnson Reviews Luis Gonzalez Serrano and Ali Alizadeh

If Australian poetry is meant to reflect the lives and times of the people who inhabit this red and green land and its blue surf turf, then it is essential that the diminutive canon embrace the émigrés. They are the voices of a multi-culturally inclusive (or exclusive, as sometimes the case may be) society and what is truly unique is that they have a certain amount of inherent distance from the Australian culture which enables them to go where others have not the means to consider.

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