Luis Gonzalez Serrano

Luis Gonzalez Serrano is a Melbourne poet. He came to Australia from El Salvador in 1988 as a refugee. In 2003 he founded the poetry journal Salt-lick Quarterly, which he co-edited until 2005. He was artistic director of the Melbourne Overload Poetry Festival from 2010 to 2011 and has been a regular of the Melbourne poetry reading circles. His first poetry book, Cities with Moveable Parts, was published by NSW Poets Union Publications in 2005.

El Salvador Tragic: 10 Roque Dalton Poems from 3 Books

Roque Dalton | courtesy of Transparencia Activa As far as tragic poets’ stories go, Roque Dalton’s (El Salvador, 1935-1975) is perhaps the most tragic in Central America. In the 1950s as a Law student, he was the brightest of a …

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