Lucy Holt

Anne-Marie Newton Reviews L K Holt

Melbourne poet L. K. Holt’s third collection, Keeps, is an expansively intertextual and complexly layered work. Published as part of a substantial volume that includes the reissue of her two earlier collections, this is often dense and intellectually oriented poetry. There is, however, an intriguing personal thread interlacing the ensemble, wherein the poet – perhaps more so in this collection than in her earlier works – offers a view into some of her deeper existential concerns.

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Three Slab Five Tallulah: Words and Image by Lucy Holt and Dane Lovett

The minute the hour and the second
hands cannot agree on the one object to hold.
They take off with a totem each and a version.

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Angela Meyer Reviews Alison Croggon and Lucy Holt

Of the two chapbooks under review, Lucy Holt's exquisitely crafted poetry in Stories of Bird pecks at single moments, both from an intimate as well as a bird's-eye view. Her use of symbolism is focused and sensory. Hers are deep and personal poems, with some empathetic politics, that draw the reader in. Alison Croggon's chapbook Ash, on the other hand, speaks with a more despairing voice.

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