John Kendall Hawkins

Narrenschiffen, a Collage Sonnet

Hero? anonymous bosh tacking luffing gulls Ophelia swims up the river in a swoon Hades moonsick Hamlet laments captainless coup reflections sun buttered breasts glutt’nous mutineers Leander hoiked into his own spittoon sees Light Old Queen Margot plucks glockenspiel, and …

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John Kendall Hawkins Reviews Poetic Revolutionaries: Intertextuality and Subversion

As I read Marion May Campbell’s new book, Poetic Revolutionaries: Intertextuality and Subversion, I was reminded of the still seemingly sacred notion of a democratic historical progress. This notion celebrates cultural alterity (and all that that implies), and makes an urgent appeal to textual revolution as a means to political resistance. Campbell’s work is rooted in the relativist revolution – the book is part of publisher Rodopi’s Postmodern Series – and her intense, erudite study addresses a state of disunion that has loosely bound the dwindling body of progressives ever since.

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