Jessica Yu

Royal Park

this the night dead gum leaves with wet glass sheen ghosts of brand new green headlamps diamente eyes starstruck by the big dark energy drink kids sitting on the hill pointing high-vis jogger with his iPhone torch on ripped black …

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Learning to Drive (part one)

From his lips, every word as voluptuous and breakable as a Coca Cola bottle: Rocco teaches me how I can become good enough at this to take it for granted. Mirror-head-check-indicate-right-click-click-click-click-remove-indicator. All the way down and all the way up …

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Advice from Every Woman’s Book of Love & Marriage & Family Life

Originally published in the 1930’s by The Amalgamated Press Ltd, London (original publication date unknown). In the East, it is ruptured by the midwife’s fingers as soon as the baby girl is born, but in the Western hemisphere the unbroken …

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