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By | 1 October 2015

Originally published in the 1930’s by The Amalgamated Press Ltd, London
(original publication date unknown).

In the East, it is ruptured by the midwife’s fingers as soon as the baby girl is born, but in the Western hemisphere the unbroken hymen is felt to be such a definite sign of chastity that the idea of an artificial rupture is rarely considered.

If you think, “I like him awfully but I hate being kissed,” think twice about continuing the courtship.

Can you run in double harness successfully?

No longer need you marry in an ignorance which was once miscalled innocence.

So ends the fairytale beloved.

Economy is necessary, but, generally speaking the honeymoon should not be sacrificed.

How does it come about that even in countries where the youth of both sexes are allowed to mix freely with each other and select, according to their own hearts, their life partners, there should be so much sexual frustration, so much married unhappiness, so many cases of infidelity to marriage vows?

The wife who wishes to get the best out of married life must prepare her mind for the sex act by banishing any fears and any holding back of her true nature.

But it must be remembered that these glands only function when the wife’s desire has been sufficiently aroused.

A man, as a rule, regards the sex act, more naturally. As his satisfaction is more easily attained, he must teach himself to be patient.

He must act as teacher and initiator; in the carrying out of such roles lies his special mental preparation for sexual union.

We would suggest to the bridegroom that the idea of consummating the marriage on the wedding night should be given up.

Such a course in most cases leads to disappointments.

Delay the sex act until both have been refreshed by sleep.

The wise bridegroom may not take the final step for several days.

At first it might seem that such a situation involved much self-denial and restraint, but it is not really so.

How are they going to reconcile what is apparently more or less of an animal instinct with the view that in the sex relationship lies one of the most valuable and uplifting experiences of their mutual life?

The ova are released into the abdominal cavity and gradually, through the waving motion of the fringed ends of the rubes, they are swept into the womb.

The nature of the sacrament.

Experience has proved that thousands of married couples never get past the experimental stage.

The sex instincts of many wives are never awakened, yet they still have big families. But some doctors say that the children in these families have not quite the same vitality.

Retard the moment of his own satisfaction until she, too, has reached the climax of her pleasurable sensations, the “orgasm” it is called.

The great point to remember is that the act should on all occasions be spontaneous.

A husband who has never been repelled or made to feel himself a creature of brute impulses, will be safe from other women.

Is there anything in the world that could make a girl more happy?


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