Jessica Alice

I have gone to extraordinary lengths

in the pursuit of—. [Whatever that means for you]. Like with most things, I have gone further than really necessary—a trait picked up in child- hood carried through many executions. Am I happy with that? Hey, no one expects an …

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Olympic Bingo

God is always twenty-five and I am still alive— I didn’t die in the taxi, or in the apartment, or at the beach that night where my hunger tore me out on a silent black rip to sink like a …

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Review Short: Susan Hawthorne’s Lupa and Lamb

Lupa and Lamb is a beast of a collection – it spans literally all of time and features every woman that has ever lived. Ambitious is not too strong a word. Curatrix, our guide and commentator, leads us through archives of lost women’s texts on the way to a party held by the Roman Empress Livia Drusilla. It is through this trail that Lupa and Lamb tells women’s histories and their multiple, often contradictory roles in family and society.

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Review Short: Julie Chevalier’s Darger: his girls

Henry Darger’s reputation as an outsider artist – and the questions of morality lingering around his dark paintings – has inspired recent exhibitions, books, plays and a documentary. Julie Chevalier’s poetic biography Darger: his girls (subtitled a sequence of poems about the life of Henry Darger 1892 – 1973) has come at peak-Darger fever. Chevalier includes an introduction, familiarising us with the debate about what kind of man Henry Darger really was: child murderer, or misunderstood loner? The latter explanation is explored throughout this work.

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Used Cars

[audio: Used Cars.mp3|titles=Used Cars – Jessica Alice] Used Cars (2:01) Written and produced by Jessica Alice

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Jessica Alice Reviews Robyn Rowland

Striving to decipher the vast desolation of silence is – as Robyn Rowland has us so emphatically experience – a 'difficult' journey, to say the least. Her latest collection of poems, Silence & its tongues, expresses this not only as a 'cold' language, but also an elusive one; varied in the boundless possibilities of voice, tone and dialect.

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