I have gone to extraordinary lengths

By | 1 June 2022

in the pursuit of—. [Whatever that means for
you]. Like with most things, I have gone further
than really necessary—a trait picked up in child-
hood carried through many executions. Am I happy
with that? Hey, no one expects an answer. I still
follow shadows lit from an angle I’ll never see.
This is grace—this hollow corridor—all the lights
are off a candle beats nervously I am alive. Not
everyone gets to say that. Lilies once took over
our whole garden, white scent of death was every-
where I miss too many friends. Now I kiss the
quiet hard morning with no one up, the jasmine
lingering outside the window, the plaster ceiling
rose in the long hall. I kiss everything on its hands
turn them over, kiss its wrists. I have gone to
extraordinary lengths for nothing and for this.

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