wake up ingrid bergman

By | 1 June 2022

when ingrid bergman gets to the table she walks around it seven times
there’s lots of empty chairs at the dinner
but everybody is looking at her
in the mirror a man is wearing a blue coat and he looks like a rabbit
ingrid bergman asks him the time she
asks him if he is somebody but he only carries a gun
and he only pretends to kill yorick

ingrid bergman is afraid of yorick
his head shows up in the bed all the time
when ingrid is not looking
he has a big wide open mouth with big crooked teeth
and his hair is very dirty
the witches pick him up in their hands when
yorick gets tired they put him to sleep with drugs
they dress him in girl’s clothes

ingrid bergman orders fish for dinner she gets some pork cut up for the dog
she goes up the stairs and has to close the window
because there’s some rain coming in
ingrid bergman blows out the candles
she hears the guests for dinner
ingrid bergman doesn’t like wearing any shoes

ingrid bergman lives in a blue house and it blends in with the night sky
the house is very round
ingrid knows that the man in blue wants to get her a horse
so ingrid bergman wears a nice jacket she
sits in front of some gumtrees while the sun is going down she
tells the man in the green coat about how she lost the child
ingrid bergman has a clip in her hair like my mum

when the witches are in the kitchen ingrid bergman goes in to see them
she sees them all turn into rats
then she sees them peeling herbs
ingrid bergman has to confront them but
she’s wearing a showercap and she isn’t ready

ingrid bergman looks back at the ocean
she looks through the castles and sees some old painting
she sees some old walls crumbling down
ingrid bergman walks through the wall she hears some italian music playing
ingrid bergman used to have nice big curls but now she only has a cap
she hears a baby crying and she keeps hearing it

ingrid bergman says she has to go
she goes out on a boat she goes to catch some benito
ingrid should not be disturbed while she is painting something
a ferret mangling a rabbit
ingrid bergman has a bright light which makes the tuna come
when the men sing and the water floats up ingrid bergman is looking
she’s asking for the fish to come with a torch
but she doesn’t realize how big they are and she gets splashed on her face
the spikey fins and lances means that there is blood

ingrid bergman wakes up to fishes swimming in the river
the kids are looking for octopus and they find one with lots of suckers
they are swimming in between the rocks
they are on a big island
everyone comes in with their boats because of the wind
ingrid bergman sees a volcano she sees light and dust tumbling down
she walks in her jacket on some land and a woman in black takes her hand
some seaweed is growing out of the dirt and it’s growing out of the rocks
there’s a man in a hat who talks to ingrid
but she doesn’t want to listen to him

is ingrid bergman awake when the volcano starts erupting
and everyone has to run to get onto their little boat?
ingrid bergman is in a cave
she should eat some fish and have a rest
but ingrid has to climb up around the volcano
ingrid is a giant amidst tiny trees
she can’t find out the way so she slips on some rocks
ingrid bergman looks and sees some smoke
she looks back and she sees yorick.

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