Geraldine Burrowes

Review Short: Geraldine Burrowes’s pick up half under

Geraldine Burrowes has come to the practise of poetry via a long and varied career in the visual arts that concentrated in its later years on 3D forms. Pick up half under is her first full volume of poetry. It’s an interesting collection, imbued with the peculiarity of the late starter. There’s a sense of the techniques of poetry school being applied, but in the best poems the abstract play of images is framed by life experience to create poignant and original work.

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where are the gifts of space once in the twinkle of a good teacher

rogue thoughts everywhere split the second to contain mid-air changes excessive rotation feet in wrong shoes a bumblingstumble toe-twist in plastic missing the depth of turf a disconcerting inflammation of concentration sets in you have to lean in to hear …

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nest nattering

nonchalant cracks and kinks in the orders of pecking we wear all our lovers away to find ourselves up at night talkback minim and crotchety deadpan timpani pineapple sharp then a soft-clothed-earth parlance meditative holding enfolding learning to draw all …

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