Ed Wright

Ed Wright is a poet, writer, critic and teacher. He has published six books of popular history, one full volume of poetry and an award-winning novella. He also writes the New Australian Fiction column for The Australian newspaper. He has taught writing at universities in Asia and Australia, is a Conjoint Lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of Newcastle and Director of The Creative Word Shop, Newcastle’s first dedicated Creative Writing School.

Review Short: Judith Bishop’s Interval

Interval is the fourth book for Judith Bishop and her first with University of Queensland Press. The book is divided into four sections. The first begins with an epigraph from the French philosopher Gaston Bachelard that ‘childhood is certainly greater than reality.’

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Gas Deity

Nitrous oxide: about as close as it gets to the gods without sacrifice, the nonsense of origins a pretty polly epiphany polyphony cackling through the wireless speakers of the mind. It’s a shame they don’t serve religion at the dentist …

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Review Short: Geraldine Burrowes’s pick up half under

Geraldine Burrowes has come to the practise of poetry via a long and varied career in the visual arts that concentrated in its later years on 3D forms. Pick up half under is her first full volume of poetry. It’s an interesting collection, imbued with the peculiarity of the late starter. There’s a sense of the techniques of poetry school being applied, but in the best poems the abstract play of images is framed by life experience to create poignant and original work.

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Bear Hunt

Bears pursue me their button eyes stitched in a factory are cruel with the boredom of their making cuddling is futile, these bears, born vengeful, will not be deterred they are under the doona they are into my ears they …

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Madonna and Child

At the beach a young mother, after a moment's absent-mindedness, chases her young son up the line of wet sand where the bluebottles are drying to harmlessness. When she reaches him paddling on the edge of death without concern she …

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‘a shooting star’

a shooting star a flashing sword a nibbled ear a young man in a torpedo at dawn preparing to die his letter to his parents written he nibbles the memory one last time of the soft skin behind his sweetheart's …

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Wanton Boys

In the park on a sunny day while we're waiting for my mother to get a word in edgeways with Mrs Jones my brother and I are frying ants with a magnifying glass And calling it scientific. I am secretly …

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