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3 Translated Ester Naomi Perquin Poems

Ester Naomi Perquin (1980 —) is a prize-winning Dutch poet. The Hunger in Plain View, her first collection in English, will be published in early 2017 by White Pine Press (USA). Perquin put herself through writing school by working in the Dutch prison service, and this experience informs her poetry, particularly the 2012 collection Cell Inspections from which these three poems are drawn.

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6 Poems from Nachoem Wijnberg’s Divan of Ghalib

Since being shortlisted for the Dutch prize for the best poetic debut of 1989, Nachoem M.Wijnberg has won a series of awards in both Belgium and the Netherlands, including the highly prestigious 2009 VSB Prize for the Netherlands’ best book of poetry.

Wijnberg is known for giving each of his poetry collections a distinct identity, both stylistically and in terms of content, and the poems reproduced here are drawn from his Divan of Ghalib, which was published in Dutch in 2009 and is due out in a complete English translation in May 2016 (White Pine Press, Buffalo).

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3 Poems by Menno Wigman

Photograph by Dolf Verlinden Menno Wigman combines an almost classical aesthetic with contemporary sensibilities and rock-and-roll subject matter. Dense, metrical poetry about sex and vandalism, death and suburban garden centres. An essentially colloquial vocabulary raised to a higher level by …

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