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Heather Taylor Johnson Reviews Young Poets: An Australian Anthology

I’ve respected John Leonard Press since its beginnings in 2006, and over the years a theme has formed across its publications. Leonard’s poets have a lot in common. There is nothing slapdash about any of them. These are poets clearly enticed by language and by the theories of life. Don’t expect rhyming. Don’t expect clichés. And do not, above all, expect anything simple.”

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Islanding the Antipodes? Notes on Archipelagic Poetics

The result of this alternative view of Australian poetry, argues Minter, is a ‘more ethical set of metaphors’ to describe the intentions and movements of Australian poets and the affects of their work. Such metaphor would include, for example: distance; poetry as diplomacy; and poetry as survival, among others.

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Book Teaching

i thought you could tell me how to pick up or something he mumbled, feeding that slim volume to the chute. Outside, he looked back at the Stacks inside the library windows and saw a skirt flutter beside the 2nd …

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Book Learning

This Berryman's a moralistic thing: its jacket has been lit, man rolled back to ma and shot with liverspots like extra moons or doctored film of UFOs – blinked, I think, by a student in the bath who, before Returns, …

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