Billy Marshall Stoneking

Mothers & Daughters

The phone call went badly, again – the old arguments about how you were never a mother to me, and why, why couldn’t you just love me as if such hurts had answers. The weeping – so blue, so literary. …

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Π O’s 24 Hours: Ulysses in Fitzroy

This is Π O’s bio note at the end of 24 Hours (1996), a 740-page, self-published epic poem set in Fitzroy, Melbourne. The P and O of his pseudonym are his actual initials and since the 1970s, Π O has been this poet’s stage-name as much as pen-name. In 1977, as Billy Marshall-Stoneking mentions in ‘Π O;An Appreciation’, Π O performed his poetry more than 250 times with Marshall-Stoneking and Eric Beach in and around Melbourne.

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