Anna Kerdijk Nicholson

Review Short: Anna Kerdijk Nicholson’s Everyday Epic

In the untitled preface to Everyday Epic, Kerdijk Nicholson describes how ‘the poet grinds down / a sum of parts / to atoms’. The result is a world in which the most quotidian of instances and images are made ‘alchemically new’, an echo of Ezra Pound’s credo to repeat, but with difference. These lines also suggest that the process of grinding down is at once violent and erotic, displacing and magical, disturbing and strangely familiar.

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Desert —

allows wildflower murders the momentary, untouched granular, hidden has emu-light, river gum, sockets of stone huts, is always being left accepts troop-carriers, razorwire, no man’s land dessicates Detention, slapped up in the magazine triggers Intervention

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Stuart Cooke Reviews Anna Kerdijk Nicholson

Possession: poems about the voyage of Lt James Cook in the Endeavour 1768-1771 by Anna Kerdijk Nicholson Five Islands Press, 2010 From at least as far back as Heraclitus, scholars have been warning us about the irresistible and irretrievable nature …

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