Andrew Sant

Review Short: Andrew Sant’s How to Proceed

The text is made up of sixteen essays, all adopting varied and general concerns, tracing a literary pilgrimage of ordinary experiences in mundane settings, from personal anecdotes of a bridge tower conductor in ‘On Employment’, to the dilemmas of commitment in ‘On Marriage’ and terminating in ‘On Curiosity’.

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The Spider in the Kitchen (after Andrew Sant)

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The Spider in the Kitchen

I fed the spider beef. Summer flies in town were oddly few. The spider took it in her stride, tackled the bloody meat with her black legs and due surprise. She liked it. Mince, matchhead size, soon burned in her …

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Review Short: Andrew Sant’s The Bicycle Thief & Other Poems

It’s no current reference, but reading Andrew Sant’s recent collection, The Bicycle Thief, Andrew McGahan’s Praise springs to mind. When I studied McGahan’s novel, a more astute student than I pointed out that Gordon’s only romantic relationship was with his car, and that, accordingly, his only romantic response was towards the sad demise of that Holden.

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