Aileen Kelly

Review Short: Aileen Kelly’s Fire Work: Last Poems

This is the last collection by a major Australian poet, and it is a firework in the tightness and effervescence of its poems. Like Aileen Kelly’s previous book, The Passion Paintings: Poems 1983-2006, it concentrates the work of many years.

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This world is hardshelled: clay sintered and glazed as meticulous tile and cup the colours of earth, each egg’s boundary neat as a statue’s eyeliner and the morning light walled outside by glass there’s no seeing through. The wisp of …

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In the commonwealth of flesh: lover and parent tramp in warm tracks at the only possible rate, waving at times to our fellows ahead but arriving at each moot-point a generation late.

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Between finger and thumb

On such small land between north head and south bay any standing is in touch-reach of the sea: no need to define the limits of a personal estate. At sunset eyesight heads east and east and east until it trips …

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