Aileen Kelly

Aileen Kelly was brought up in England and studied English Literature at Cambridge University. Her first book of poems, Coming up for Light, was short-listed for the FAW-Anne Elder Award and the Victorian Premier's Award, and won the Mary Gilmore Award from the Association for the Study of Australian Literature. She was the winner of the Vincent Buckley Poetry Prize for 1998.


This world is hardshelled: clay sintered and glazed as meticulous tile and cup the colours of earth, each egg’s boundary neat as a statue’s eyeliner and the morning light walled outside by glass there’s no seeing through. The wisp of …

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In the commonwealth of flesh: lover and parent tramp in warm tracks at the only possible rate, waving at times to our fellows ahead but arriving at each moot-point a generation late.

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Between finger and thumb

On such small land between north head and south bay any standing is in touch-reach of the sea: no need to define the limits of a personal estate. At sunset eyesight heads east and east and east until it trips …

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