The Norm

By | 1 January 1997

But when I saw her
‘my first fuck’
in the supermarket both
of us doing our weekly chore
the place polished by fluoro-green
was not so much a
maze as a gallery
of itemized lust. Here’s
a black pen, draw barcodes on
my forehead, Quickly, She’s
passing … I’d had visions:
maternal heritage strobed
from her fleshy face that night
her loosened bra revealed indifferent
if glowing lunar skin. My heart
was singing like dawnbirds in
established suburbs.
She took my virginity into
her with a tough kitchenhand’s grip,
gnawed me with muscle.
I her one-nighter after a band and
too much beer. She my longing
randomized. The one guarantee
here in this supermarket
in this exchangeable city is
the face’s inevitable
sighting me then turning
the daze normal.

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