By | 1 July 1997

cheap crisp and pocket size
recorded sounds of nature on
compact disc or tape mountain
stream waterfall river desert
snowfall rainforest swamp; birdcall
crocodile stallion snake and – the
eternal crystal spring: slip them
into your ears quicker than you can zip
up those jeans hey here’s a new one
tropical sunsets shit how must
a sunset sound the brochure’s
advertising krakatoa meets
mururoa love songs, with kakadu
mining melodies to be released in the fall;
meditational inspirational recreational
invocational soon sons of jimi hendrix
start recording acid rain through
one auditory canal and out the other ears
sprout coral cactus thin little needles
of pine the head’s awash
with sand and tumbleweed birds that
swim underneath reefs fish riding horses
through mountains crocodiles eating

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