Keys to Success

By | 1 October 2015

1. Whisky

will take you back to a damp house on an island where your love dropped a rock on his own head and sat, dazed, in the caramel light

2. Dancing

with a lover to Prince at 4am or alone in your room; both are

3. Light

on your skin on the wall, that slip of it before night

4. Glute workouts

don’t worry about the rest, it’s the maximus muscle & it’ll burn up
the nothingness

5. Movie stars in technicolour or black & white

suck on the images like bleeding cuts

6. An animal

hungry, resting its head on your knee

7. Sex

in your skin in a message on a Tube under your tongue at your neck at the curve of the thigh / I could taste you for a day afterwards / at the wrist in a head-scratch in the mirror in the dark

8. Reading

an intake of breath

9. Art

that is you unbound

10. Pain

at the wrist in the pulse in the eyes in the glutes:
squats will keep you at an hourglass, sand tickling your arteries, knee ready for a dog


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