Plath Close

By | 1 February 2018

There are Tennysons everywhere but only one street in Melbourne is named after Sylvia – Plath Close in Delahey, 13 F 6 – a cul-de-sac above Blake Close and Slessor Drive, below Raine Court, east of Yeats Drive (Tennyson Drive curves further south). A little north run a few Olympic gold medallist slash celebrity athlete streets – Hackett Court, Perkins Close, Currie Drive. West is a row of crops and southwest a pocket of stones. In Feb 2014 a Google Maps van camera drove by Plath Close capturing empty nature strips, cement footpaths, low or no fences, concrete driveways and browning lawns, closed gates, blinds drawn against heat or spies, and conifers, conifers – dwarf, pencil, cedar – pitched-roof white letterboxes perched on white poles, a freshly planted low-maintenance garden of rock mulch and astroturf and, from the close’s corner, the spire of a ‘215m high’ aerial. Delahey is off the Calder not far from the Bob Jane raceway where Gunners once played – the nearest stations are Watergardens or Keilor Plains. One day I will take my bicycle on a train to visit Plath Close.


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