Simon Hall

Simon Hall lives in South Caulfield.


‘when the sale of kangaroo meat for human consumption was still illegal’ my parents lived in Bathurst and ate wild asparagus Australia’s national anthem was God save the _____ and ‘The Kangaroo Industries Association of Australia formed’. My parents lived …

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Plath Close

There are Tennysons everywhere but only one street in Melbourne is named after Sylvia – Plath Close in Delahey, 13 F 6 – a cul-de-sac above Blake Close and Slessor Drive, below Raine Court, east of Yeats Drive (Tennyson Drive …

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Abebot vaccuums dust runs on fruit Fredbot is the stampbot can get cantankerous Horatiobot stacks piles dreams of pet monkey Janbot1 is a polyglot superbot Janbot2 stressed puffs Kenbot runs on chips ran twelve second hundred once Maxbot's eyes shrink …

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Ronald Reagan

Charles Bronson was a fool. Charles Bronson was a good man he made yummy toasted muesli. Charles Bronson was an actor with dark hair he liked to swim and was in The Great Escape with Steve McQueen and Telefon with …

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What I know about zombies? Haiti invented them, as did The US, The French, The Spaniards slavery and the Caribs, but mostly it was sugar. Papa Legba or your local houngan could have something to say about the dearth above. …

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Uneven ’hood Poem

On this street gentlemen try their dogs. Old women are always wanted. Strong demand makes for good prices though the soft alzheimer types fetch lower than the sprightly ones with sticks. The local milkbar is a Mormon temple. A golden …

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Gas Crisis

The day after the election John Howard won: a hot air balloon fiesta in Albuquerque; novelty balloons shaped like Nikes. As for giant global ads I’d rather giant hot air cocks. In Osaka they have breast-rub coffee shops catering to …

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