By | 27 July 2003

What I know about zombies?
Haiti invented them, as did
The US, The French, The Spaniards
slavery and the Caribs,
but mostly it was sugar.
Papa Legba or your local
houngan could have something
to say about the dearth above.
See cat people – or that other
Tournier with the canefield carrefour.
Clairvius Narcisse is the
man to find if you’re writing
an ethnobiology of the
Haitian zombe – muchas
gracias Wade Davis – would
you like a photo of him
in a domed reading room? Scour
a national geographic from 2001.
Le potan mideau – am I getting
these words right bokor?
Who went to Cuba to have
a hole dug in their kitchen,
a treasure chest revealed
and reburied – Poppy Z Brite?
Steve Austin the robot? Travels
with my Aunt? Thomas Rowlandson?
The Fon, the Fonz, Franz Fanon…
Toussaint L’Ouverture!

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