A Massage from the Vice-Chancellor

By | 1 October 2020

Dear ____ , in a nuanced way. At the shame time
I am writing to you this is in addition to your
with some key information regular annual crisis
disruption. In adjuncting to our management
‘new normal’ you have shown positive spirt leave.

Some a computer or other compassion device.
students have I am grateful to all those cool
expressed their portly leagues who have re-
folios, company concerns, to ponded rapidly
ensure you will not be able to access to the

questions you are a staff member. I do know
about how this no this is disappointmenting.
environment is an unsettling We thank you for
tomb assisting us to proctor your being maintaining
online. So please, don’t come to camp on us if your

core crisis in many different sways that are specific
through this most to your particular, under-active-
torrenting of chimes and consideration, casual
for understumbling. We are making contract
every effort to really take this into account life.

Since I wrote to you on ____ , regarding projected
our new ‘new normal’ austerity budgie shortfall
measures your staff. while a prudent app roach
Time frames of great magnitude should poke
your you in the coming days about what this

moans for your impact options, which national
have arisen intake, as outlied. agents have roles
We anticipate some to play in flattering your
deferral, loads. curve, but also in minimising our
Inter- goading principle; and that, of course, is

to increase the rigour. We are currency to emerge
on track to achieve only core from this timely
maintenance. And so crisis and for your extra
thank you for ordinary faculties in sustaining
managing department head. Yours. ____________

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