‘a continuous plain …’

By | 3 December 2008

a continuous plain interrupted so; ligatures extending from birthplace. 'true scarcity of no trespass;' the questions of function can now be delayed. where homesteader and exile drink of the same cup; it is the dialect of language which qualifies. an idiom of extension; stitching on an endless seam. the store of subterranean larder; the annulment of seasonal discourse. the unifying dispersion of flats and folds; worn bodily as a profusion of place. wearing the obedience of sterilising media; the obfuscation of salt, or snow, as seasonal expenditure. the prairies have no essence; thus essence is contained in its contrary. farm gates designate those monumental precepts; no erasure nor mutiny can break ties with this demesne. the ground beneath their feet is wavering in non-negotiable tomorrows; the ubiquitous silence of heredity. the dissuasion of land's natural tendencies; wind moves the ochre dust in frantic and spurious bursts.


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