In the Land of Nod

By | 1 May 2020

Of all ironies, I woke in the Land of Nod.
Everyone agreed there—even about God.
So many yay-sayers, moving their heads
up and down. I thought I must be
dreaming. It was difficult to resist what

everyone knew to be true—how could
they be wrong? We walked in tandem
lines and spoke a common code, where
yes meant yes, and there was no use for
no. Perhaps we were all on drugs, of which

we were unaware, where anything perverse
was playful, however pomo that might
sound. Only for a moment was I
tempted to pick a fight, but no-one took
the bait, and only praised my initiative.

Well done! they said. You took a stand.
And stood with me, as if they would
applaud. It was almost disconcerting,
but not really. In the afternoons, sex was
freely had, and whatever else was understood

to be commonly required. We assessed the
sunset, ran a movie or two, and agreed life
was worthwhile. In the morning it went on
much as before—a little dreamy, a little dull,
there in the Land of Nod.

(Jan. 2020)

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