By | 1 May 2020


Tonight you sleep
and dream of me
all the greenest grass
in this world, this memory
of breath like mist
on my lips
you cannot touch.

Your fingers searching
in thin air a
trace of flesh
and a faraway blue
gothic sky raining
blue notes
unfurling desires

now float.


Sing these Blues
travelling to you
memory is faster
than speed of light
your voice deserves
a second chance.


In-this graffitied city
walled by history
invisible to the eye.


I breathe this air
fresh like your face
pure like a mind
without thought.


You come back
like an unfinished
artwork, like a fluid
installation undulating
in the river of time


In a foreign city
for a moment now
i don’t feel lonely

clutching you
like a new found lover
brighter than these cities
lights slowly fading
this overcast sky-the cold
wind numbing my face.
And the same old fire
crackles like a protest
in my eyes

this is how
a revolution starts.

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