Martin Kovan

Martin Kovan is a writer currently self-isolating in Sydney. His recent novel "K. the Interpreter" was shortlisted for the 2020 Dorothy Hewett Award. He also works in ethics and philosophy.

In the Land of Nod

Of all ironies, I woke in the Land of Nod. Everyone agreed there—even about God. So many yay-sayers, moving their heads up and down. I thought I must be dreaming. It was difficult to resist what everyone knew to be …

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Humid Mirror

Days cyclic as Rangoon traffic turning so many yugas of hostaged time, at any node of its unraveling a thousand words ransomed to a thousand other gods of perfect memory. Jaundiced light at the edges of uncounted towns, dogs and …

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A World Order

In the underground, moist nape of a woman’s neck held exposed to the vertical bars; fellow bipeds plucking mental berries in the electronic jungle. Not Edenic, this world keypad games where dull & acquisitive acumen takes the highest prize. A …

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En Passant

So to have become passed- on, like so many pawn shop pieces, waiting, in another world, for the gleaners to re- use, re-cycle, re-fashion. But none of these parts in the real world worth the wound, alone—altogether more than their …

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Some Kind of Simulacrum

‘There’s a man with a bomb somewhere on the train.’ Even swallows of the city sent from their flight with all the commuters of late-afternoon locked-down & out from these vestigial hours. No-one joins the dots iPhones notwithstanding a technical …

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For Elise

After sundown garbage-trucks in Taiwan sing electronic Für Elise as they collect town waste – (where else so talented?) in different keys moving closer now further away to the grim outskirts heard from the 13th floor (the building moans in …

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Touching Earth

To leave your homeland is to achieve half of the dharma – Milarepa Leaving all places like walking out of an empty house. Long years of the dark-eyed lens obscuring sight losing focus on what’s been lost inland seas of …

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The image without an image pinned up in the air offers up the Ten Thousand Things but where was your heart when it fell down here? never thinking it would fall for the nameless unwanted, undesired ‘things’ lost by the …

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