By | 1 May 2014

Karinjini by way of Kataby, Geraldton, Dongara, Carnarvon, Exmouth; by way of the Brand; by way of driving out at midnight, by way of fences and flametrees and bardi; by way of moonlight and the dog-star, the cross and Corona Australis; by way of four am, by way of bone silence, by way of somnambulence amid truckies and road-trains; by way of midday in the banana fields; by way of midnight in the campground; by way of hollowed and halved water receptacles bearing wine, by way of pretensions, of West Cape Howe, Leeuwin Estate, Pendleton; by way of air-mattresses; by way of song of burrowing frogs; by way of days at the beach, the sea, the ocean, the Indian, the blue, the deep, the coral, the bungies, the reef, Ningaloo; by way of the wobbygong, escaping by way of currents and belly-up, by way of floating, by way of Turquoise Bay; by way of salt-grit in your hair; by way of saturation, of summer storm, by way of tents with broken ramparts; by way of electricity, of lightning; by way of the dunes, the thunder of sand, an inland tsunami; by way of your fingertips, cold cracking metatarsals and callouses; by way of tires, by way of gravel roads, by way of rust in the undercarriage, rust in the red-dirt, rust in the sunset; by way of fraternization in the long-grass; by way of fish-n-chips in Dampier, by way of the peninsula, the salt isthmus; by way of the boab; by way of turning inland, turning inward; by way of distance, the peaks of Mungaroona Range, the decay of Maroona Iron Mine; by way of wild donkeys, lost camels, far-off dingoes, gnarled goannas; by way of track; by way of Bee Gorge, Kalamina Gorge, Yampire Gorge; formed by way of Dolomite and Mount McRae Shale; built by way of granite, by way of tessellations and the fractal of mineral sands; only seen by way of the microscope, overlooked in the rear-view mirror by way of your eyes, the iris, the retina; by way of mistaking your tongue for the milky way; by way of waking to red dust on skin, ochre touch-painted; by way of hiking to Kermit’s pond, the cool of water in desert; by way of packing-up; by way of defenestrating apple-cores at 140kmph; by way of racing utes to no destination; by way of signs counting down 800km to Perth, 700 km to Perth, 600km to Perth


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