Tram Line Song Line

By | 1 June 2013

On the No 96 tram from the Museum to the Catani Gardens following the rules of relaxed proceduralism

  1. A tram line is a song line

  2. How to read the signs etched on the Lake Condah possum skin cloak in the Museum?

  3. What do the Wurundjeri make of the gold angel with a trumpet on Princess Theatre?

  4. Does Bunjil sit silently on St Patrick’s spire?

  5. Is that Barak busking in the Bourke Street mall?

  6. Do clever men twitter rather than point a bone?

  7. In Myers there’s a big mob of kids with Santa who’s painted up for ceremony

  8. At the GPO, Quakers hold a silent vigil for First Peoples. Elizabeth Street is a creek full of mullet

  9. Tom Roberts paints a dusty gold view looking up the hill

  10. Can you see up by Flagstaff they’re hanging the two bawling Palawa warriors for spearing shepherds?

  11. 100 years ago horse shit litters this street

  12. Southern Cross Station sits on a wetland full of ducks but there are more stars on the hotels than you can see in the night sky

  13. Each stop is a dot in a circle on a painting in the dirt

  14. If the Casino is a gamble what is shaking hands with Batman?

  15. Platypus above Dight’s Falls sift sewerage after it rains

  16. Djadjawurung Gold and Wathaurung Wool build the Teahouse. What’ll it say in 200 years?

  17. Is the tram a carpet snake full of tucker – us?

  18. When the Wimmera mob see the parallel tracks left by Major Mitchell’s bullock carts they wonder what sort of animal leaves two deep ruts in the mud

  19. Graffiti is painting by uninitiated boys

  20. The South Melbourne Football Club Swans are gubba white

  21. Prince Albert never makes it to Albert Park and it takes a Scottish Gillie to stop Vicky greetin’

  22. What do seagull egg eaters from St Kilda in the Hebrides think of this turbid bay?

  23. Barak’s uncles trade wives for peace. Now transvestites turn tricks for junk

  24. I used to act for their dealers up the road.

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