The Goulburn Cricket Club Love Song

By | 1 February 2012

The cricketers’ girlfriends lounge beyond the boundary
They are smoothing their summer dresses over their long tanned legs
Lounging with a long glass of beer and lemonade
One smoothes the blonde hair of a batsman waiting his turn

The fast bowler dashes and stamps his way to the wicket
The keeper crouches and squints behind the stumps
The hooked red ball dashes eagerly away for four
The fielders are squinting in the low sun to follow its course

They find it behind the pavilion in the long green grass
The spectators trample the grass down to spy where it’s hid
Finding the ball near the dress of the team captain’s girl
Hid in the trampled green grass near the young vice-captain’s boots

Black southerly storm clouds tumble across the ground
The fielders race to the pavilion and sponge cake and tea
Tumbling in the green bushes the captain’s girl
Races to remove the young vice-captain’s shirt

The young vice-captain lounges between the thighs of the captain’s girl
She smoothes the damp black hair from his flushed red face
They are lounging damp in the warm summer shower
That smoothes the wet white blouse on her quieted breasts.

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