A Sort of Eisensteinian Stocking

By | 1 June 2013

Invent Capital in the armpits of Indian women =
The sleepless housewife becomes his snake
metaphor for the splits of Germany. No ideas but in
misogyny. Let untold apartments bloom with teacups
and shifts and sharp battleships. The people
of uncapitalised carapace wait in the glass house.
Quick, the strike
starts under the sign of the dialectic and the writing
is a death-gripped scotch on the rocks. Compose yourself
and wait is the usual order for Saxifrage, at those slow words
from directors struggling to reconcile their gods and the
writing of October. His weed stones us all, women are
to be everywhere ‘things’ or ‘flower’ through to, obviously,
‘quiet’. And that, ‘my credo’, was all that was left in the notebook


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