Rory Dufficy

Rory Dufficy is a researcher at the Australia and New Zealand School of Government.

A Sort of Eisensteinian Stocking

Invent Capital in the armpits of Indian women = The sleepless housewife becomes his snake metaphor for the splits of Germany. No ideas but in misogyny. Let untold apartments bloom with teacups and shifts and sharp battleships. The people of …

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Longing for Areas of Kansas

after Bernadette Mayer “Let’s just helicopter the ocean somewhere” – Anne Boyer New South Wales is awful The winter’s non-existent The sun will come out today There are Yuppies Men & women who can’t walk They wear dark colours & …

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Usually, the things at war in my head have civil conversation “We are going to execute Tunisia”, or T as she was called, was nearly six feet tall – she arrives at a dig site putting a fire alarm bell …

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Two Emails to Anne Boyer

1. I will be a supplicant to women until the revolution, uncertainty of principle my only guide, will fight with the guerrillas and eat only meat I catch. A Teutonic forest – boars, computers, primitive accumulation – will hide me, …

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