Volcanic Fed

By | 15 May 2023

‘One match was all it took’ Louise Gluck

She comes on too strong. Sacrifice
dear ones to placate the mephitic
breath of the goddess. Magnani1
idols offered-up to an animal pulse
hustling amongst the slave class.
I carusi
2 buckle under and wombs
bag-up hellfire. Bare bottomed mules
moil for brimstone, too cavernous
to keep in olives and bread. Boom
then bust! She’s in your face,
full-bodied; we climb her slopes
over-equipped and photograph
our risk-take. She’s public space.
The slip-slide of a rock-fall and women
who simmer.

  1. (Anna) Magnani – Oscar award winning Italian actress
  2. I Carusi – Sicilian dialect for boys once indentured to work in the Sulphur mines from the age of six
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