Lisa Collyer

Lisa Collyer is a poet and educator in Boorloo. She is the author of the poetry collection How To Order Eggs Sunny Side Up, which was shortlisted for The Dorothy Hewett Award in 2022 and is published with Gazebo Book’s poetry imprint, Life Before Man. She is widely published in Westerly, Rabbit, Cordite, Australian Poetry Anthology, Salt Bush Review, Science Write Now and more. She was an inspire writer in residence for The National Trust of W.A.


Elder sister’s downy chicks have lost their peep in butcher’s twine. You pay in Dong 1 and snap a Kodachrome and concur a Doi Moi 2 petty enterprise. And your own nan too−a slayer of bobbing apples held down. When …

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Volcanic Fed

‘One match was all it took’ Louise Gluck She comes on too strong. Sacrifice dear ones to placate the mephitic breath of the goddess. Magnani1 idols offered-up to an animal pulse hustling amongst the slave class. I carusi 2 buckle …

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Property rights

With thanks to The National Trust of W.A. and Woodbridge (Mandoon) A femme covert is a roof overhead slippers in the doll’s house to roleplay a contract to wedlock. Her bequest is Shetland lace held by a napkin ring as …

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Odoriferous Diorama

A plastic garlic bulb is on display in the museum as an ethnic contribution to our state. Plastic covered sofas reserved for special guests in my Father’s Zia’s parlour. We sit on them once upon arrival but now congregate familiar …

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The Beauty Police

I strip search for woman but there is only girl. A constant vigil of unwanted hair for removal. I tame fur lined lips traced to Mediterranean roots− threatening to unravel a farce constructed to fit. I betray flesh razed in …

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