on holding / on being held / being / etc

By | 1 June 2022

hold me like you hold
yourself together

holding where fruit
will grow
(held for ripeness)

thumb holding edge of plum
holding fuzzy cheek
in shoulder

earth holding body
as breadroll
on dinnerplate

how held did you feel when you were held

there are methods
of holding
with / around / in / of

empty space
holding against
whoever may enter

(when you’re ready)

in light disappearing
softness enveloping softness

cup face in glove

torso foams around jawbone

curling around each other
brush arm of feathers

drifting forward
to have held you
in my warmth

lift body
with thumb and forefinger

into open palm
close hand

in a fullest of holding

holding the same

for each other

refresh stale space
for new potentials
furnish new world
through points of contact

space for being
space for staying

can move you
if you’re still

please hold
softly through the exhale
(softly through the inhale)

can let go of you
whenever you want

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