Eric Jiang

Eric Jiang is a Chinese-Australian artist living and working on Gadigal land. Their work spans forms including poetry, film and theatre, and contemplates queer futures, familial cultural exchange, and joy. Their poetry appears or is forthcoming in Liminal, Cordite, Going Down Swinging and more. They tweet at @squeric_

Diasporic Content

as burning house: as mourning: The frog dies because it can’t detect the water boiling. Felix no longer wants the slow release of forgetting. He wants something swifter. To more readily mourn. To no longer wait. He goes to …

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perseus trips and cracks his head medusa joins her sisters in a sunspoked field returns to her research, the garden, the lute. did not accept the sweet kiss of death did not accept the gaze of another of anyone listens …

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on holding / on being held / being / etc

hold me like you hold yourself together holding where fruit will grow (held for ripeness) thumb holding edge of plum holding fuzzy cheek in shoulder earth holding body as breadroll on dinnerplate how held did you feel when you were …

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Gilly G

the night is young because your hand is on my knee resting surely as seventeen conversations warble around us. whose birthday is it anyway? i’m busy falling in love with this couple sitting across the table waxing on about Gilgamesh, …

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