Tales Out of School (2): A Gift for Teaching

By | 1 February 2012

The Guru, Mister Whatsup, Oblomov, The Sleeping Beaut,
and Madame Lash and the Vampire Bat

are ensconced in the Common Room
when Mrs Ick Deen harrumphs in with the Pickled Dill

and the Human Egg for the Weekly Discipline get-together
that will gouge out ninety minutes of each life-

form locked in here with the Banshee Queen,
but no one’s counting anything but the slabs

of cake that the Sleeping Beaut can put away
before lunch. The business is the Excellence

in Teaching gong: who’ll get the colour-photocopied
sheet with the space (add name) and the Old Firm’s logo.

But each one here is convinced no other has what
the German language in its wisdom calls the Gift.

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